Around and About

The neighbourhood is situated is a mix of quiet and bustle. While the House of Blue Mangoes itself is hidden away in a very quiet lane, the areas around are delightfully busy and alive.

• Goubert Market, Pondicherry’s biggest produce market, is less than 0.5 kms away.

• Good biriyani, excellent dosa joints and three pizzerias are all less than a kilometre away.

• Pondicherry’s Sunday Market is an experience that should not be missed and is a stone’s throw away from the House.

• Pothy’s which houses Pondicherry’s largest clothes store and supermarket is less than 0.5 kilometres away.

• Pondicherry’s promenade / beach is just a little beyond at about 1.3 kilometres away.The neighbourhood is a mix of quiet and bustle.

• The French Quarters of Pondicherry is tad less than a kilometre away and is an easy ten-minute walk from the House.