Romancing The Past

Nestled in a quiet lane in Pondicherry, The House of Blue Mangoes takes inspiration from David Davidar's book by the same name. Restored lovingly from ruins and rubble, the House is a seamless blend of classic Tamil architecture and pan-European sensibilities. The charming little 'thinnai' or sit-out at the entrance traditionally invites anyone passing by to relax and rest a while.

A beautiful, open Tamil courtyard welcomes the first rays of the sun and offers the perfect spots to unwind, read a book, or simply do nothing at all. Chrome yellow walls and French beds are constant reminders of influences from across the seas. Every bit of furniture in the House is a carefully hand-picked piece of history.

Our three rustic bedrooms - Kavya, Isaioli and Calanjali - are tastefully furnished with antique beds, cupboards and other things vintage. Of course, air-conditioning, geysers and comforts of a boutique hotel do exist, but they do not intrude. Still, nothing feels quite like home unless there's a friendly kitchen; so our fully-equipped cooking space lets you make your coffee and comfort foods just the way you like it at home.

There are plenty of open spaces around the House, as you'll quickly discover; and if you wander across to the far end of the House, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you chance upon - a garden spotted with tiny blue mango saplings. It is our hope that they grow up quickly to make the House of Blue Mangoes what we've always wanted it to be - a quiet place to perch under while the rest of the world goes on with its usual frenzy.



Airy and comfortable air-conditioned rooms


Separate toilets for each room with essential toiletries and more


Attendants to keep living spaces clean


Gas stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee-maker, toaster, essential pots, pans and cutlery


Free Wi-Fi around the Tamil courtyard and kitchen


Water heaters in all bathrooms

Things To Do

The neighbourhood is situated is a mix of quiet and bustle. While the House of Blue Mangoes itself is hidden away in a very quiet lane, the areas around are delightfully busy and alive.

• Goubert Market, Pondicherry’s biggest produce market, is less than 0.5 kms away.

• Good biriyani, excellent dosa joints and three pizzerias are all less than a kilometre away.

• Pondicherry’s Sunday Market is an experience that should not be missed and is a stone’s throw away from the House.

• Pothy’s which houses Pondicherry’s largest clothes store and supermarket is less than 0.5 kilometres away.

• Pondicherry’s promenade / beach is just a little beyond at about 1.3 kilometres away.The neighbourhood is a mix of quiet and bustle.

• The French Quarters of Pondicherry is tad less than a kilometre away and is an easy ten-minute walk from the House.

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